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The Knitting Mills: A Century of Innovation Continues

Jaclyn Tino
Posted by Jaclyn Tino on Oct 30, 2023 7:00:00 AM
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In 2019, UGI Energy Services relocated it's headquarters a few miles down the road to the newly developed "Knitting Mills" complex. Located in Wyomissing, PA, our home office has a rich, long-standing history. Within our community, we have seen this location be home to many influential businesses and we are proud to be continuing on with that legacy. Keep reading to learn more about our story at Knitting Mills Way!

At UGI Energy Services, we have a rich company history that we enjoy sharing with our customers, employees, and community. In case you missed our blog detailing our company’s history, you can check it out here. Additionally, our office headquarters has a story to match! We are so proud to share the heart behind our professional home.

An office building houses people and business, but its story tells so much more. In 2019, UGI Energy Services relocated from its previous headquarters at One Meridian Boulevard, to a new location in Wyomissing, PA. Only a few miles away, we packed up our memories and lots and lots of files and headed down the road to our new home. For reference, we have offices spread throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with our main office being the central location where our teams can meet and conduct business as a larger group.

The history of the Knitting Mills campus dates back to 1906. As we turn back our time machine, we recall a much different time that certainly paved the way for our future. The Knitting Mills was home to the first concrete steel-reinforced building in America. The building was once a medical dispensary, a junior college of engineering, and the world’s largest automated foundry used to manufacture knitting machines.

The Mills pioneered the use of Rayon during the “Roaring Twenties” making Wyomissing the largest stocking manufacturer in the world. The “Reading” knitting machine was developed here, set the record for the longest patent filed at the US Patent Office, and was used by the industry throughout the world.

With the development of Nylon in the 1940’s, the use of Rayon declined, and the mills began to decline. In 1969, the land was purchase by the VF Corporation and in 1970 became home to a new shopping experience. The “Vanity Fair” outlet was the first outlet center in the country. If you are local to the area, you know that this was a staple business in the area for many years - bringing customers from not only around the state, but around the world to enjoy the plethora of clothing items at a very reasonable cost. By the 1980’s, outlet centers were becoming very popular and drawing quite the crowds. In 1991, Reading was declared, “The Outlet Capital of the World.”

While the outlet center was profitable and bustling for many years, eventually the outlet stores began closing their doors. This allowed for an opportunity for Equus Capital Partners to purchase the property in 2016 with the vision of creating a new center for business and innovation.

In 2019, UGI Energy Services relocated its regional headquarters to this location. As Equus Capital Partners noted on the Knitting Mills website, “UGI’s decision to locate its regional HQ set the stage for a new round of development and innovation at The Knitting Mills. The original Berkshire Knitting Mills Blue Building has been transformed into the new headquarters for UGI Energy Services, who have maintained the historic architectural aspects of the iconic building.”

If you take the journey through each floor of our 5-story building, you will see the story it tells – one of innovation and history with a modern twist. With windows a plenty, it’s easy to take in the beauty of the surrounding area.

Today, the Reading/Wyomissing area continues the tradition of being a hustling bustling home to many successful businesses. We share the streets nearby with lots of restaurants and food establishments, office buildings, shops, salons, grocery stores, banks, etc. If you’re looking for a place that has it all, Wyomissing will surely fit the bill.

We hope you enjoy learning about our place of business as much as we do! For more information, check out “The Knitting Mills” website at

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