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UGIES Employee, Larisa Jack shares her Experience as a United Way Loaned Campaign Specialist

Jaclyn Tino
Posted by Jaclyn Tino on Nov 16, 2021 10:00:00 AM
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At UGI Energy Services, we value the work we do in the community through our incredible employees. We work closely with organizations like the United Way to determine where we can help in the places where we live and work. One program in particular is close to our hearts. Read more about which program it is, below!


Each year, UGIES joins several companies in the area and “donates” an employee as an “LCS” or “Loaned Campaign Specialist” for the Annual Campaign. This year, Larisa Jack has taken on the role as our LCS and what an amazing job she is doing! With her positive outlook and love for the community, it is no wonder that she is excelling in this new role. Keep reading to learn how she is enjoying this life changing experience!

First, tell us a little bit about your role as an LCS.

“I am working in the community and providing myself as a volunteer along with several of the partner agencies of the UW. I am also going on tour throughout the Berks County area to share my personal story and how the UW is making the community a better place through the generous support of volunteers and monetary contributions.”

How are you enjoying your experience so far?

“I am LOVING it!!!!! Words cannot express how much this experience means to me.”

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What organizations have especially impacted you throughout this process?

“I cannot pinpoint one agency alone. Every single experience I have had with the agencies has made an impact. I have been able to see and experience so much - but one thing for certain I can say has been an impact - is seeing how appreciative people are for the generous support of the agencies that are helping them.” 



What training activity was the most beneficial for you?

“I LOVE Sharon Mast and Mike Iorio, and COPE at Hawk Mountain pushed me and gave me an experience that I will never forget with team bonding and finding trust and motivation in myself." 

What volunteer activity was your favorite?

“I truly loved the New Journey food bank. Handing out the food to those in need was truly amazing and heartwarming. Everyone was so appreciative in receiving the food and many of them even volunteered at the organization to help give back!”


How have you made an impact in the community thus far along with your fellow LCS’s?

“We have created a true bond together as a group and work incredibly well together making us able to give back even more as a team. We are able to accomplish any task set before us.”


What has been your greatest success thus far?

“Being able to see and experience even more volunteer experiences that I didn’t even know were out there. Being able to help people and the community is a success that can’t be measured as it’s ongoing!”


Define your experience in three words.


What message do you hope to share with others following your LCS journey?

“That everyone is impacted and may have needed or will need the support of a partnering agency of the UW. It could be you, a neighbor, a family member, or someone in your circle of friends.”

Are there any stories or experiences from your LCS journey that you would like to share?

“Fun fact I learned about the Reading Library is that there is still graffiti from 1912 when it was being built! Reading Library opened its doors in 1913 and has so much history from its graffiti. It was a fallout shelter and even has a Pennsylvania room. The library provides so much support to the community.”

We thank Larisa for all of her hard work and dedication to our community. Keep up the great work, Larisa!

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