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UGI Energy Services Celebrates Engineers Week and Career and Technical Education Month

Jaclyn Tino
Posted by Jaclyn Tino on Feb 19, 2024 7:00:00 AM
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As February unfolds, UGI Energy Services is thrilled to celebrate Engineers Week (Feb. 18-24, 2024) and Career and Technical Education Month. This year, we're especially excited to highlight the significance of Feb. 22 as we participate in "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day," an initiative to inspire the next generation of female engineers.

Engineers Week

Engineers Week is an annual event that highlights the contributions of engineers to society and encourages the exploration of engineering careers. At UGI Energy Services, we recognize engineers’ invaluable role in advancing technology, solving complex energy problems, and driving innovation.

In the energy industry, engineers’ expertise is instrumental in designing, developing, and optimizing energy systems to meet the growing demand for sustainable and efficient energy solutions. These professionals have many responsibilities, ranging from conceptualizing and planning renewable energy projects to implementing innovative technologies for energy generation, distribution, and storage.

Whether specializing in electrical, mechanical, chemical, or environmental engineering, their collective goal is to engineer solutions that power our economy, protect our environment, and provide energy security.

UGI Energy Services' Compliance Engineer, Megan Comstock attests, "Getting an engineering degree opens a world of opportunity into so many different fields and career possibilities. Having been in different areas of the energy industry during my career, it has been exciting to see the innovations and advancements in the natural gas industry particularly. Engineering is about creativity, problem solving, and making things work–there’s a place for everybody in this field."

Every day, engineers leverage their analytical skills and technical knowledge to assess energy needs, identify opportunities for improvement, and devise strategies for enhancing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact. They work closely with multidisciplinary teams, collaborating with scientists, policymakers, and industry stakeholders to develop comprehensive solutions that align with economic, social, and environmental objectives. From designing smart grids and implementing energy management systems to optimizing processes in oil and gas production, engineers in the energy services industry are shaping the future of sustainable energy production and consumption.

Operations Engineer, Emily Swihart says, “As an engineer, each day is a new day to create a difference and make an impact. Every problem that gets resolved is a step into the right direction.”

Engineers Week provides an opportunity to showcase the incredible responsibility of our engineers. We are proud to foster a culture of innovation, where our team continuously strives to improve and optimize energy solutions.

Engineer II, Jolinda Sciscione says, "Engineering is essentially the science of problem solving. It is empowering to know that, against any odds, you can be part of the solution."

As diversity and inclusion are core values at UGI Energy Services, we're committed to promoting gender diversity in the energy field. Feb. 22 marks "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day," a day dedicated to inspiring young women to explore opportunities in engineering. By introducing girls to the exciting possibilities within the energy field, we can contribute to a more diverse and vibrant engineering community.

Further, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month provides a platform to showcase the vast array of career opportunities available in various industries, including the energy sector. We recognize the importance of CTE in preparing individuals for fulfilling careers in technical fields. Within the energy sector, there are diverse roles ranging from engineering and project management to environmental science and technology.

As Engineers Week and "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day" coincide with Career and Technical Education Month, please join us in celebrating the engineers, building trades, and America’s skilled energy workforce that’s driving innovation and ensuring reliable American energy.

Together, let's inspire the next generation of engineers and professionals in the energy sector.

Contact us today to learn more.

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