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Spring Your Business Forward with Natural Gas

Jaclyn Tino
Posted by Jaclyn Tino on Mar 19, 2024 7:00:00 AM
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Business owners know too well that every decision impacts profitability. With energy bills often ranking among the most significant expenses, opting for affordable natural gas can yield substantial benefits.

There are countless reasons why 5.6 million American businesses choose natural gas for their energy needs. Discover eight of those reasons below and why making the switch to natural gas can help fuel your business and bottom line.

Spring Your Business Forward with Natural Gas


The Department of Energy’s latest data finds natural gas is 3.3 times more affordable than electricity. Because of its domestic abundance, natural gas costs are forecast to remain low for decades. Customers who heat with natural gas can save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually since oil costs around 60% more to operate than natural gas. This can add up significantly, especially for large facilities such as manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, schools, and other energy intensive operations.

Environmentally Conscious

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, producing 45% less carbon dioxide than coal, 30% less than oil, and 15% less than wood when burned – meaning it creates less pollution. Making the switch to natural gas can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint.


Natural gas is highly versatile – it can be used for heating, powering electrical grids, fueling vehicles, and more. Plus, for restaurant owners, there’s no comparison to cooking with natural gas, as it provides many benefits, like quick heating, precise temperature control, reliability, and more.


Natural gas is delivered to customers via underground pipelines, so in times of severe weather and thunderstorms, the natural gas delivery network faces fewer risks than above-ground power lines. According to the American Gas Association, only 1 in 650 customers are expected to experience a natural gas outage in any given year.

No Scheduled Delivery

For businesses that use heating oil, closely monitoring oil levels and scheduling deliveries is essential. However, with natural gas, it’s always there when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. as


For both industrial and commercial applications, some machines and appliances demonstrate improved efficiency when powered by natural gas. These potential savings can be transferred to your customers and reinvested in enhancing your business. Moreover, the natural gas delivery system is 92% efficient from production to customer—meaning only 8% of the useful energy is lost in transmission.

Natural Gas and Electricity Chart

Domestic Benefits

According to the Energy Information Administration, the U.S. produces nearly all of the natural gas it uses. When making the switch to natural gas, your business supports our domestic economy rather than relying on foreign energy sources. Natural gas’s domestic availability also allows prices to stay low.


Reliable & Collaborative Plans

UGI Energy Services is an energy marketer that owns and operates our own natural gas storage and delivery assets, so our natural gas plans are highly financially and physically reliable. Our focus on providing highly personalized service helps us structure plans tailored to each customer’s unique demands. We help develop purchasing solutions for short- or long-term needs ensuring seamless billing, reliable supply, and no unexpected surprises.

Making the Switch to Natural Gas is Easy

Given its affordability, reliability, lessened environmental impact, versatility, efficiency, and domestic advantages, transitioning to natural gas is an obvious choice for your business, and the experts at UGI Energy Services are here to help! Request a quote today.

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