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October is Energy Awareness Month

Kaitlin Killian
Posted by Kaitlin Killian on Oct 6, 2022 5:27:10 PM
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Today is Energy Efficiency Day, which happens to occur during the Energy Awareness month of October! According to the Energy Efficiency Website – “The Energy Efficiency Day message is simple: “Save Money. Cut Pollution. Create Jobs.” Since the inaugural Energy Efficiency Day in 2016, this annual awareness event has been supported by hundreds of prominent organizations, companies, government agencies and others. Our goal is to share tips, tools and stories that promote the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, from lower costs to healthier homes. Energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, cut consumer bills and reduce pollution. Energy efficiency is also an economic engine, supporting over two million jobs nationwide in manufacturing, construction and other fields – most of which can’t be outsourced overseas.”

October is Energy Awareness Month

What are some ways you can save energy for your business? We have listed a few, below:

1. Keep your thermostat set at or below 68 degrees. This can help you save up to 10% on your company’s energy bills according to The Department of Energy. And, if you set it even lower while you are not in the workplace, your HVAC system will have even less to do, resulting in lower energy consumption, and lower energy bills.

2. Check for cracks, leaks & drafts within your business. Air leakages from cracks or gaps in windows, doors or walls can let heat escape and cold air enter. Weather stripping can assist with doors that have spaces between it and the floor, as well as caulking to seal the gap. These air leaks can be found outside as well – such as around windows or doors. Keep the heat in and insulated, and your system won’t work overtime to compensate for any loss.

3. Upgrade your business’s energy equipment. If your furnace is at the end of its life expectancy – it may be time to upgrade and get a new one. You want to replace your current one with a high-efficiency one. The upfront cost may be higher, but your business will save on operating costs. You can also upgrade windows or even purchase gas-filled windows that make a huge difference in a facility’s savings and comfort. A programable or smart thermostat is another upgrade you can make which saves you money based on the features it offers.

4. Schedule a furnace check-up with a reputable HVAC company. A routine maintenance appointment for your facility’s heater assures that everything is running at maximum capacity. Do this before the weather becomes too cold, so if you need to schedule a repair, you have ample time to get it done. Your boiler, hot water heater, furnace & air conditioning are all pieces of equipment that should be checked every year. Your air filters should be replaced on a seasonal basis as well, to prevent them from getting dirty and keeping your employees from getting sick from the dirt and debris.
5. Unplug unused electronics. Consider unplugging your computers, printers, fax machines and appliances when your employees are not in the office – such as overnight, on the weekends or even on extended vacations. You may not realize it, but these items may use tons of energy from being plugged in when not in use.

6. Consider switching to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for your business. RNG is a viable alternative to conventional fossil fuels, and is a biogas, meaning that it is produced from organic matter such as manure and food waste that have been processed to purity standards. The production of RNG requires the removal of impurities such as Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Oxygen, Nitrogen and other gasses to meet strict pipeline and utility quality standards.

Demand for RNG is growing worldwide thanks to an increased awareness in environmental concerns and an interest in clean energy alternatives. RNG is a low-carbon alternative to its fossil fuel counterpart. The capture and utilization of fugitive methane emissions from sources such as landfills, manure lagoons, and wastewater treatment mean a reduction in the emission of these gasses into the atmosphere. UGI Energy Services offers RNG options – learn more here.

It is important to raise awareness about energy and to take steps to assure your business is using energy efficiently. By doing so, you can save money on bills, and take better care of the environment in doing so. If you are interested in taking more proactive steps into reducing your carbon footprint via your energy use – UGI Energy Services is here to help. Contact us and a personal representative can lead the way.

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