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How to Shop for Energy in Pennsylvania

Jess Heydlauf
Posted by Jess Heydlauf on Oct 15, 2021 5:27:26 PM

When shopping for energy in Pennsylvania, there are many things to consider: what kind of energy you need, your current energy plan, your energy patterns, plan prices, and supplier options. Once you nail down the basics, choosing an energy plan is a simple process. With Energy Choice, you have the opportunity to ‘shop around’ for energy programs and rates to find the best option for your commercial property.

What kind of energy do you need?

What kind of energy does your business use? If you have electric heaters, boilers, and stovetops, an electricity plan may be best for you. If your major appliances use natural gas, a natural gas plan may work for you. Some suppliers use a mix of electric and gas in their plans, so you can choose a plan tailored specifically for your energy needs.

What is your current plan and energy usage?

Look at past energy bills to see what you’re paying per energy unit (kWh for electricity and therm, dekatherm, CCF, or MCF for natural gas). By knowing what you currently pay for energy, you can make educated decisions when shopping for a new energy plan.

By looking at past energy bills, you can also see your energy usage. Typically, energy usage fluctuates in different seasons. Energy rates per unit may also fluctuate monthly. If your rates vary greatly from month to month, you may want to consider a fixed-rate plan. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay per energy unit you use.

Fixed-rate vs. variable rate plans

Generally, fixed-rate plans are a great option for consistent rates. These plans allow you to choose a set rate for a certain length of time to fit your budget. With fixed-rate plans, you won’t have rate increases month to month, which may be beneficial during the winter months when more energy is needed to heat buildings. On the other hand, if market prices drop below your rate, your rate will stay set. If you want to change providers before your contract ends, you may receive a cancellation fee.

Variable rate plans can be beneficial because rates change, meaning you’ll save money when market prices are low. These plans also offer flexibility to switch energy providers since you are not locked into this plan like you are with a fixed-rate plan. However, variable rate plans can be risky—rates can change based on weather, demand, changes in the energy market, and more. Not knowing what your rate will be on any given month can make it hard to budget for your bill.

Compare providers

Once you’ve chosen the type of energy and plan you need, you can start to look at different energy suppliers that service your area. Make sure that any electric supplier you choose is licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. You can compare prices per energy unit, length of contracts, and whether there are cancellation fees for switching suppliers. You can use this sheet as a reference for what to ask suppliers and how to compare different companies when shopping for a new energy plan.

UGIES is a part of the UGI Corporation, which has more than a century of experience in the energy industry. Over 12,000 commercial and industrial customers rely on UGIES for reliable, cost-effective energy. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, UGIES is a company you can trust to help you meet your energy needs.

As an educated customer, you can make the best decision for your energy needs. Contact UGIES to request a quote.

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