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Don’t Let the Texas Energy Crisis Cost You.  Choose Reliability.

Kaitlin Killian
Posted by Kaitlin Killian on Mar 8, 2021 3:09:43 PM
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When we think of Texas weather, relatively warm and temperate days come to mind, even in the winter. Last month, Northern Texas reached record-breaking cold temperatures that greatly affected residents of the state. Texans experienced freezing conditions and accumulating snowfall, and many were left without power and heat. Luckily, the temperatures are back to normal now – however, not only was North Texas affected but the rest of the nation was as well. Here at UGI Energy Services (UGIES), you can be sure that in a situation like the one just seen in Texas, we would walk you through each step of resolving these issues and how it correlates to your energy bill.

Texas snow tweets, cold weather memes take over Twitter amid winter storm

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Most of us remember the famous speech by Gordon Gecko in the movie “Wall Street,” in which he quipped, “Greed is good!” That made for some suspenseful acting, but we are seeing the effects of greed now in the energy industry. Some companies are reeling from the ERCOT fiasco in Texas because they put profits and speculation ahead of customer service and reliability. Over $50 billion is expected to be paid by consumers for a two-week time period because energy companies let their customers down. If you read the fine print in the contract, the customers are liable to pay the outrageous cost that is before them. We have a feeling that the “consultants” will not be answering their customers’ calls. These consultants think their work is done because they saved the customer $212 by helping them pick a lower price. But they never vetted the supplier or marketer.

With UGIES, you can feel confident in both the integrity of your contract and the reliability of your supply. We have been a natural gas and electricity supplier in our footprint for nearly three decades, and the UGI Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that has been in the energy business for over 135 years. UGIES has assets to back up our supply obligations – even in the most difficult situations. That reliability can really pay off in times when the energy markets and infrastructure become critically stressed.

When renewing your energy supply contract, take a little time to talk directly to a UGIES sales representative – instead of a consultant who simply says he or she will get pricing from our company. You will understand the difference between the two very quickly. The energy landscape is a rather complex one, so don’t leave yourself unnecessarily exposed to spot natural gas and electricity prices that can rapidly increase to astronomical levels with little notice, as those consumers in Texas recently found out. UGIES sales representatives are highly trained and experienced industry experts who can help you implement the right hedging strategies to mitigate those potentially crippling price risks.

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