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6 Best Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Business for Winter

Jaclyn Tino
Posted by Jaclyn Tino on Nov 19, 2020 4:30:00 PM
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Winter weather is knocking at our door, and as the temperature drops your energy consumption will rise. But by how much? There are steps you can take to make your business more energy-efficient and lower your energy bills this winter. Here are our top tips for a toasty, snuggly, and energy efficient winter season.


1. Know Your Usage

Before you can effectively manage your energy usage, you’ll need to know how much energy you’ve been using to date. That means that once you know what your baseline is, you can take steps to reduce it. You can obtain your historical usage information and copies of previous invoices from your utility or on our UGIES customer portal at

2. Determine Where Waste Occurs

Now that you know your numbers, it’s time to identify where you may be wasting energy, or where there are opportunities for increased efficiency.

3. Plug the Leaks

It’s a simple solution, but an effective one: look for drafts of cold air and plug them. Simple weather stripping and caulking can allow you to manage your ventilation more efficiently.


4. Control of the Heat

Lower your office temperature by one degree during the winter months. Just this one simple change can reduce power usage by up to 10%.

In addition, upgrading to a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat can help as well. These intuitive tools will manage and regulate the building temperature automatically, without relying on an employee to manage these daily adjustments.

5. Upgrade, Tune Up, and Maintain

Businesses with energy-efficient practices and equipment use 35 percent less energy than typical office buildings, according to the EPA. Ensure that your equipment is operating at full capacity prior to the seasons start to eliminate the potential for waste. The best way to do this is to get an HVAC maintenance appointment scheduled before the cold weather hits. This will not only keep your system running at peak performance, but it can also help identify any potential issues before they occur and leave you in the cold.

6. Get Your Employees Thinking Green

Even with the most energy-saving technologies, you’re still not at peak efficiency if your people aren’t incorporating energy efficiency into their daily routines and habits. Make your energy practices a focus among your team by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to help save your business money.

That’s it – with these small changes, you’ll be saving money and staying warm throughout those cold winter months!

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